In April, the global blockchain sector completed financing of $6672.5 million 0 most popular U.S. projects accounted for 44%

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Source:Cailian blockchain daily

Reporter Xu cihao

In April 2022, the number of global blockchain financing was 218, with a financing amount of US $6672.5 million. Among them, there are 13 financing transactions with hundreds of millions of US dollars, with a total financing of US $4798.5 million, accounting for 71.91%.

In terms of financing rounds, global blockchain financing is mainly concentrated in seed / Angel round, and round a, accounting for 68.81%.

From the track point of view, Web3 0, defi and NFT are the top three areas of financing, but the financing amount is Web3 0. Cefi and blockchain infrastructure are the three largest areas of financing, reaching US $5.25 billion, accounting for 75.66% of the total financing.

Among them, the United States has the largest amount of financing in the field of blockchain, with a total of 94 transactions;Singapore and the UK ranked second and third with 16 and 11 respectively. In terms of financing amount, the financing amount publicly disclosed in the US blockchain field was US $4.741 billion, accounting for nearly 44% of the total financing in April.

In addition, six projects in China's blockchain field have been financed, distributed in Web3.0 0, defi and NFT tracks.

There are 13 projects with a single financing of more than US $100 million

According to the incomplete statistics of the blockchain Daily reporter, in April 2022, 218 financing transactions occurred in the global blockchain field, and the publicly disclosed financing amount reached US $6672.5 million, with an average single financing amount of US $30.6077 million.

Among them, there are 13 financing transactions with hundreds of millions of US dollars, with a total financing of US $47985, accounting for 71.91% of the total financing amount. From the track point of view, in the 13 hundreds of millions of financing, there are four Web3 Project financing in the field of 0 reached US $2.6 billion; Secondly, five cefi (centralized finance) fields raised US $1113.5 million; Other areas, such as mining, NFT, public chain infrastructure and so on, have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars of financing projects.

Top 13 projects in blockchain financing in April 2022

The biggest one is the $2 billion financing jointly obtained by Sony Group and LEGO parent company Kirkbi by game engine developer Epic Games. The company's big escape game fortress night has more than 350 million users. Epic Games calls fortress night the early state of the "meta universe".

In addition, among the institutions investing in financing projects of hundreds of millions of dollars, Sony Group, tiger global management, Tencent and other companies appeared, among which animoca brands sold the most, twice in total.

Judging from the regions that have been publicly disclosed, 94 projects in the US blockchain sector received US $4.741 billion in financing in April, becoming the country with the largest number and amount of financing projects in the world; Secondly, 16 projects in Singapore received US $360 million in financing; A total of 11 projects in the UK received US $442 million in financing; Nine projects have been financed in Canada and India; Six projects in China have been financed.

Distribution of countries and regions of global blockchain financing projects in April 2022

In terms of the rounds of financing, it is mainly concentrated in the seed round, accounting for 50.92%; Secondly, a round and angel round account for a certain proportion, which are 11.93% and 5.96% respectively.

From the track point of view, April Web3 74 projects in 0 field received US $3.103 billion, accounting for 46.5% of the financing amount in the global blockchain field; 23 projects in the field of cefi raised US $1.254 billion, becoming the track with the second largest financing amount in April, accounting for 18.79% of the financing amount in the field of global blockchain; 36 projects in the field of blockchain infrastructure raised US $893 million; 38 projects in NFT field raised USD 473 million; 58 projects in the defi field received US $349 million.

Track distribution of financing projects in the blockchain field in April 2022

In terms of the number of institutional shots, animoca brands shot the most in April, with a total of 19 shots, coinbase ventures shot 12 times and dragonfly capital shot 10 times, ranking among the top three in the number of institutional shots respectively.

Among them, animoca brands' favorite track is Web3 0, the organization invested in 12 projects in April, which is related to the organization's main business game; Secondly, six projects have been invested in the field of NFT; In addition, it also invested in argent, a wallet project in the field of defi in the UK.

Coinbase ventures has shot at all tracks, of which defi and cefi have shot three times respectively, Web3 0. Infrastructure and NFT track have been shot twice. Dragonfly capital's favorite tracks are blockchain infrastructure and Web3 0, each shot 3 times, defi track shot twice, cefi and NFT track shot.

In addition, tiger global fund sold six times in April. Its favorite is the blockchain infrastructure track. It invested in this field four times. Softbank made five moves, two to blockchain infrastructure and two to Web3 0 field. In addition, cefi's payment field is sold once. Sequoia Capital Invested in cefi and in April 0 and infrastructure.

Investment and financing in the United States in April

In terms of financing amount, 94 projects in the United States received US $4734.2 million, accounting for 70.95% of the global financing amount in April; Among the 13 financing projects that have completed hundreds of millions of dollars, the United States accounts for 6.

In terms of financing rounds, 53 of the 94 projects in the United States have seed rounds, accounting for 24.31%, and the projects in round a account for 6.9%.

From the track point of view, the United States in April Web3 0 33 projects in related fields have been financed, accounting for 15.14% of the total financing; There are 18 infrastructure projects and NFT blockchain financing projects respectively. There are 12 financing projects in cefi and other fields.

In addition, the United States is in Web3.0 0 field, blockchain infrastructure field and cefi field received financing of US $2437.5 million, US $840 million and US $649 million respectively, which are also the three fields with the largest financing amount in the country.In addition, the United States received a total of $550 million in financing for three projects in the mining field.

China's investment and financing in April

According to the publicly disclosed data, six projects in China received a total of US $10.5 million in April, mainly Web 3.0 million 0, defi and NFT, with 2 projects each. Hashkey capital made a total of five sales in April, including two Chinese projects, seedao and paladin pandas.

Financing in China's blockchain sector in April 2022

It is worth noting that hashkey capital is a blockchain fund launched by hashkey group in 2019. Recently, hashkey group's hash blockchain Limited (HBL) submitted the Hong Kong type 1 (securities trading) and type 7 (automated trading service ATS) virtual asset trading platform license for operation, and obtained the approval in principle (AIP) of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

It is understood that after meeting all conditions and obtaining the final approval, hashkey will provide encrypted trading services for Hong Kong professional investors (including licensed financial institutions). The platform operated by HBL will provide virtual asset trading services, including encrypted assets such as bitcoin and Ethereum, stable currency and securities tokens.

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