Cat's eye online digital collection zone launched the pre-sale of digital collections of "fame and millions"

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Source:Sina VR

Recently, the cat's eye app officially launched the digital collection zone and launched the pre-sale of the first phase of the cat's eye digital collection. It will be officially sold in the cat's eye app in the form of a blind box at 5:20 p.m. on May 20. Users can purchase and collect through the "Digital Collection" column in the "my" interface of the cat's eye app.

It is understood that the first phase of the digital collection of cat's eye takes the classic characters in the film "fame and millions" as the creative elements, with a total of 10 characters, including Li Jiahui, Su Mengdie, Zheng Qianli, Guan jingnian, Qi Leshan, Chen Xiaoda, Lu ziye, Hai Zhaofeng, Nightingale and people in black.

It is reported that the number of issues is 5200, 520 for each model. Among them, 20 digital blind boxes will be reserved for each model, and a total of 200 digital blind boxes will be reserved for gift, and the rest will be put on unified public sale. Users can get one of the 10 items at random every time they buy. Each item has a unique serial number of the platform, and some blind boxes contain the signature of the leading actor.

The person in charge of cat's eye digital collection business said: "in the field of cultural industry, high-quality IP can help digital collections succeed, and digital collections can feed IP from deep publicity and marketing."

Cat eye said that it will further explore more possibilities of digital collections in the cultural industry in the future. In addition to film related digital collections, cat's eye will continue to launch digital collections with classic elements of Chinese entertainment content in the cultural industry, such as dramas, concerts, offline exhibitions / performances, so as to help the deep marketing of high-quality content in the cultural industry and help the digital development of the cultural industry.

After nearly a year's development, there are obvious differences between China's digital collection market and overseas markets. In the overseas market, digital avatar collection is a hot spot. With the "top stream" boring ape, its parent company Yuga labs is valued at $4 billion. The overseas market is open to secondary trading, and most collectors have the psychology of speculation and speculation.

Because China has not opened the secondary market, collectors are more inclined to "Tibet" and pay more attention to its artistic and cultural values when purchasing collections. Many collectors are lovers of traditional art. For them, digital collections are the same as collections, but under the protection of technology, the "shelf life" of collections is longer.

Although digital collections enter the domestic market later than overseas, the domestic digital collection market is walking out of a road of digital collections with Chinese characteristics. With the improvement of supervision, the industry has gradually matured. With the joint efforts of major platforms, digital collections with Chinese characteristics are also using technology to empower national culture and stimulate the new vitality of the cultural industry.

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