"Wen Yaoyao", the first virtual cultural relic commentator in China, will serve major museums and talk about national treasures

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Source:CCTV International Online

The Tang Dynasty flower mother of Pearl makeup, double bun ball head, almond eyes, real-life skin, wearing a light and elegant long skirt, with hollowed out fragrant balls of flowers and birds of the Tang Dynasty at the waist. On May 18, international museum day, Baidu AI Cloud, together with China cultural relics exchange center and Jimu technology, made an official appearance of "Wen Yaoyao", the first cultural and Expo virtual publicity official in China. It is reported that "national style girl" Wen Yaoyao has officially joined the China cultural relics Exchange Center today to interact with more than 10 museum curators Lian Mai to explain the story behind the treasure of the town museum. In the future, she will work with certificates in major museums and provide services such as explanation, guided tour, hosting dialogue and live broadcasting. She will also be the first virtual publicity ambassador in the cultural and Expo industry to follow national exhibitions to visit and exchange overseas and spread Chinese culture.

It is understood that Wen Yaoyao's image production and AI capabilities such as "listening, speaking, reading and writing" rely on the intelligent digital human platform "Baidu AI Cloud Xiling" released by Baidu last year. Baidu AI Cloud said that with the development of AI technology in China and the emergence of digital human production platform, the production efficiency of digital human will be greatly improved, and the industrial application will also be accelerated. In combination with Baidu unit7 0 cross modal dialogue engine, aigc technology and digital human platform will also become the infrastructure of the cultural and Expo industry.

The first virtual cultural relic commentator "Wen Yaoyao" works with a certificate: it will serve major museumsย 

"Wen Yaoyao" is named after "book of songs ยท Zhounan ยท peach Yaoyao": "the peach's Yaoyao shines its brilliance". The shape integrates Chinese traditional culture and modern elements: the double ball head is derived from the ancient girl's hairstyle, and the modern braided hair is added at the back; The makeup is integrated into the flower mother of pearl decoration prevailing in the Tang Dynasty, coupled with the red and white eye shadow, revealing the flavor of youth and classical interweaving; The clothing adopts modern Morandi color system, takes "ancient fan" as the penetrating element, uses a large number of pleated elements in details such as shading and cuffs, and takes the homonym "good", implying that the character is kind and simple; The clothing material adopts technology streamer to create a virtual fashion sense; The smoked ball tied at the waist is shaped from the silver sachet with grape flower and bird pattern.

As the first virtual publicity official in the domestic cultural and Expo industry, Wen Yaoyao not only has high appearance, but also has "real kung fu". According to reports, Wen Yaoyao will "work" in major museums in the future, providing services such as explanation, guidance, consultation, hosting dialogue and live broadcasting, so as to drive the new development of virtual digital people in the cultural and Expo industry.

Unlike the offline manual commentators, Wen Yaoyao can cross the time and space constraints and serve dozens of museums with multiple "digital people" at the same time. In addition, AI technology training beyond human brain memory can continuously upgrade Wen Yaoyao's knowledge base and count the historical, artistic and scientific values of each cultural relic. You can work without training.

In addition to providing a variety of intelligent services, Wen Yaoyao will also be used as an IP image application to shorten the distance between traditional culture and young groups. It is reported that on the day of International Museum Day, the digital collection with the theme of divine beast limited by Wen Yaoyao, as well as 10 aigc digital collections cooperating with the museum, such as human faced salamander painted pottery bottles and sapphire Ruyi, will be sold to truly "live" historical relics.ย 

Baidu launched Xiling digital man platform: create industry expert digital man at minute level

From AI sign language anchor, AI virtual customer service to AI virtual cultural relic commentator, the application scenarios of service-oriented digital man are constantly enriched, and the digital man industry has entered a period of rapid expansion.

However, Professor Shen Hao, chief scientist of the big data center of the State Key Laboratory of media integration and communication of the Communication University of China, said that despite the rapid rise of China's virtual digital human market, the digital human industry chain is relatively fragmented. Most companies can only complete one of the links of portrait asset generation, content generation and business handling, without opening up the whole link of digital human production, which is difficult to improve the delivery efficiency.

In response to the problems faced by these industries, Baidu AI Cloud Xiling platform was released at the end of last year to open up the whole process of digital human production, human equipment management, content creation and business arrangement. The platform supports the production and operation of service-oriented digital people and performing digital people, so that digital people not only have "high appearance value", but also have "high IQ", and realize high personalization in appearance, facial expression, physical expression, interactive content, emotional feedback and so on. At present, the accuracy of digital population synthesis of Xiling platform has reached 98.5%, of which the 10 billion parameter dialogue model Plato can also help digital people have their own experience and cognition and have a meaningful, interesting and emotional dialogue with users.

"Whether an enterprise's digital human products are leading or not needs to be judged from five dimensions, namely: general technology, asset generation, content production and business handling, delivery efficiency and the number of landing cases." Shen Hao said.

Baidu said that with the development of AI technology in China and the emergence of digital man production platform, the 2D digital man that used to take a week can now be shortened to the minute level; 3D hyper realistic digital people, which used to take 2-3 months to produce, can now be compressed to a week or two.

Up to now, dozens of digital people created by Baidu AI Cloud Xiling have been fully applied in finance, operators, government affairs, culture and tourism, radio and television, mutual entertainment, aerospace and other fields. At the upcoming "2022 Baidu World Conference", the "Baidu AI Cloud Xiling" digital human platform will release the platform function upgrade. There is a huge imagination space in the field of digital human in the future.

Recently, Internet Weekly released the Top50 ranking of 2021 virtual digital human enterprises. Baidu AI Cloud ranked first in the comprehensive strength of China's digital human industry by virtue of CCTV virtual anchor and Winter Olympics sign language digital human anchor. In the future, through the opening and upgrading of Baidu AI Cloud Xiling platform, every enterprise and individual can have their own digital people. (picture / thought)

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