Openly financializing NFT transactions, the popular Ibox chain box after 00 is "taking risks"

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Source:Cailian blockchain daily

Reporter Xu cihao, Dong Yujia

On the evening of May 17, due to the sharp decline in the price of digital collections on the Ibox chain box platform, the Ibox chain box rushed to the top 10 of microblog hot search.

It is reported that Ibox chain box is an NFT trading platform. Different from other platforms, the platform is to finance NFT and provide matching trading. At present, this new way of playing is popular among minors after 00.

Previously, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and China Securities Association jointly issued the proposal on preventing NFT related financial risks, which clearly required to resolutely curb the tendency of NFT financial securitization, not provide centralized trading (centralized bidding, electronic matching, anonymous trading, market maker, etc.), continuous listing trading, standardized contract trading and other services for NFT trading, and set up trading places in violation of regulations in disguise.

Ibox chain box has caused a lot of controversy in the industry by financializing NFT transactions and opening transactions to college students. The reporter of blockchain daily found through the equity penetration of tianyancha that several shareholders of Ibox chain box finally pointed to several executives of Zhigui technology.

In response to the dispute, the reporter obtained the response from Ibox chain box and Zhigui technology.

Rising and falling NFT Market

"Due to the recent large market fluctuations, our boss couldn't resist the temptation to misappropriate 100W of the platform start-up capital for investment in Ibox. At present, the position has shrunk to 10W, the platform can't continue to operate, and the technical team has been dismissed. I'm going to withdraw after writing this announcement. We have the chance to say goodbye!"

On the evening of May 17, the official account "TT data collection" released the above announcement, which quickly circulated on the Internet. As shown in the figure below, the digital collections on the Ibox chain box plummeted on the whole day, and the prices of most collections were halved.

Xie Qiang (a pseudonym), a senior NFT player, told blockchain daily that in addition to the sharp rise and fall of Ibox chain boxes, many high price maps are "price without market", and the high price is to attract leeks into the market.

According to Xie Qiang, the Ibox chain box collapsed once in October last year. At that time, 8000 Zhang Guorong's public welfare digital collections were not accepted at the unit price of 999 yuan in the market. In addition, "there are often cases in the secondary market that cannot be traded", and many users went to other platforms.

"Ibox chain box has been silent for three months. After changing the team's trading, there are more players in it."

Xie Qiang said that some time ago, the digital collection of Zeus on the Ibox chain box was traded for 1.66 million yuan in OTC trading, and the transaction price on the floor was capped at only 100000 yuan, resulting in many people hoarding goods on the site.

Coin circle player Zhong Gang (a pseudonym) told reporters that he registered an Ibox chain box account years ago and was dropped three collections. However, due to the "poor liquidity" of Ibox at that time, "no one bought it after hanging 99 yuan, so it has not been managed".

"Last week, I received a text message to clinch a deal. When I open the platform, I can see that the highest transaction record is 2999 yuan." Zhong Gang said, but yesterday it fell to 1399 yuan, "the sharp rise and fall are too severe".

On the evening of May 18, the price of NFT on Ibox rose sharply across the board, with a basic increase of more than 30%.

In Xie Qiang's view, the routine of sharp rise and fall of Ibox chain box is not complex, but it is very effective.

He analyzed that the first step is to sell and hold a large number of collections by the makers on the Ibox chain box; Then we will raise the price through various ways, such as turning left hand to right hand, and widely spread high price trading public opinion to attract new people to join; Then, the dealer continued to raise the price and throw out the collection; Finally, after beating the drum to pass the flowers, the later entrants take over the plate, and the dealer completes the harvest.

Ibox chain box told blockchain daily that Ibox chain box does include two markets on the app.

The first is the initial market. The person said that the initial market is dominated by the platform, which negotiates the price and the number of issues between the platform and the IP party. The other is the consignment market, which is a C2C (user to user) trading market. "In the consignment market, the platform will not interfere with the rise and fall of transaction prices between users. In addition, there is no communication channel between users in the app.".

Popular among Post-00 groups

According to blue whale finance and economics, Ibox chain box is popular among minors after 00, and the secondary market of the platform has repeatedly seen sky high prices.

Xie Qiang, a senior NFT player, told reporters that many of his Ibox chain box community were college students, "but later, Ibox chain box prohibited students and aunts from participating".

On May 13, Ibox chain box announced that the platform will suspend the purchase function of users born after January 1, 2003 and users over 60 years old. The purchased collections can still be consigned and cashed out, and it will continue to adjust and optimize the user structure in the future.

The official website of Ibox chain box shows that there are 52 digital collections below 1000 yuan at present, and the lowest price is cyber puppet, 485 yuan. In addition, there are more than 400 pending orders with a price of 100000 yuan.

"The platform's restrictions on age, price ceiling and other aspects are discussed and decided by the platform and the third-party payment platform." Ibox chain box told reporters.

"The third-party payment platform has relevant risk control measures on the issue of high price. For example, the price on the platform is 50000. If it is higher than 50000, there is no trading channel between users."

For the online purchase or sale of more than 50000 yuan in the Ibox chain box. The above staff replied that "things will never happen on the channels of the official platform."

However, the person pointed out that at present, Ibox chain box has updated the latest upper limit in terms of payment - that is, if users open the function of balance wallet on a third-party payment platform. Then the purchase and sale price of NFT can be linked to 99999 yuan.

It is worth noting that on April 13, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and China Securities Association jointly issued the initiative on preventing NFT related financial risks (hereinafter referred to as the "initiative"). The proposal specifies the prohibitive provisions, which require us to resolutely curb the tendency of NFT's financialization and securitization, strictly prevent the risk of illegal financial activities, do not provide centralized trading (centralized bidding, electronic matching, anonymous trading, market maker, etc.), continuous listing trading, standardized contract trading and other services for NFT transactions, and set up trading places in disguised violation of regulations.

"Ibox chain box just violates the prohibitions in the initiative."Beijing Deheng Law firm partner lawyer Liu Yang told reporters.

In Liu Yang's view, Ibox chain box is not an example, which also reflects the chaos in the field of domestic digital collections. "Although the concept of NFT is novel, its essence is to use virtual digital collections to raise funds. It is a variant of ICO."

"We can see that the NFT of major manufacturers such as Tencent and Alibaba have not opened secondary trading channels. Even the transfer of gifts also stipulates extremely strict conditions, in order to prevent NFT speculation and illegal financial activities." Liu Yang said."According to the existing regulatory policies, many domestic trading platforms like Ibox chain box are not allowed, but there are also some difficulties in supervision."

Who's on the wheel?

Although the "initiative" of the three major associations put forward a series of initiatives for the industry, it lacks the force of law because it does not belong to laws, regulations and departmental rules. Driven by the market wealth creating effect, there are always non-conforming NFT trading platforms that intend to take risks.

In this regard, Liu Yang suggested that relevant departments should give full play to the joint force of supervision and monitor the capital flow of project parties and platform parties; Timely give early warning to high-risk NFT collections lacking value support; Strengthen the crackdown on NFT trading platforms that reach out to minors and college students, and comprehensively use a variety of regulatory means to block the sickle's way to the sea; For serious crimes, the clues shall be handed over to the judicial organ in time.

So who is the control Party of Ibox chain box?

According to tianyancha data, Hainan linkbox Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2021, with the legal representative Li Wei and a registered capital of 5 million yuan.

Hainan chain box is composed of five corporate shareholders and one natural person, Zheng Haipeng. Among the legal shareholders, super star Chain Digital Technology Co., Ltd. accounts for 50%, Hainan linkchuang Internet service partnership (Co., Ltd.) accounts for 20%, Hainan linkzang Internet partnership (Co., Ltd.) accounts for 14.5%, Shanghai fumu Technology Co., Ltd. accounts for 5.5%, and Hainan Ducheng cangqiong consulting management partnership (limited partnership) accounts for 5%.

It is worth mentioning that Hainan linkbox has completed three equity changes, namely:

In January 2022, the former shareholders Hainan new software Co., Ltd., Shenzhen jiedakang Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huoyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Hainan Yingdong Technology Network Co., Ltd. and Hainan daruitong Network Technology Co., Ltd. all withdrew and were 100% controlled by super star Chain Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
In February 2022, the shares of super star Chain Digital Technology Co., Ltd. were changed to 50%, and Hainan Lianzhong Internet service partnership (Co., Ltd.) accounted for 20%, Hainan lianzang Internet partnership (Co., Ltd.) accounted for 25%, and Shanghai Nandu city sky consulting management partnership (limited partnership) accounted for 5%.
In March 2022, the new Shanghai fumu Technology Co., Ltd. and Zheng Haipeng became the current equity structure.

Super star Chain Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which controls Hainan chain box, is 45% owned by Li Wei, 10% owned by Xuan Songtao, 10% owned by Chen Chang and 5% owned by Tang Ling.

In addition, Xuan Songtao holds 80% of the shares of Hainan Lianzhong Internet service partnership (Co., Ltd.). According to tianyancha equity penetration, Xuan Songtao is the ultimate beneficiary of Hainan chain box, holding 29.7% and Li Wei 22.5%.

According to public information, Xuan Songtao is the co-founder of Zhigui technology, the initiator of Tsinghua University blockchain Financial Research Center, the director of Shaanxi Key Laboratory of blockchain and security computing, and the vice president of Xi'an urban blockchain Technology Application Association.

Chen Chang graduated from Tsinghua University and is CTO & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; nbsp; of Zhigui technology; CEO; Tang Ling is the founder of Zhigui technology; Li Wei is a director of Zhigui digital technology (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Zhigui technology.

For the relationship between Zhigui technology and Ibox chain box, Zhigui technology responded to the reporter of blockchain daily that the two are independent, but there are individual intersections among shareholders.

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