The launch of the NFT maze platform of "bear Xiaomu zodiac series" is about to start

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At 15:00 Beijing time (UTC + 8) on May 20, contemporary artist Liu hailun's "twelve zodiac series of Xiong Xiaomu" will be on the maze NFT platform(MAZE β€” NFT MarketplaceοΌ‰First issue, 500 copies for the first time, with an initial price of 1500btm.

For the NFT on sale this time, within one month after the public sale, the artist will buy back the NFT that is lower than the market purchase price in 20% of the price on the market. In addition to designing a unique price protection strategy, the collection of the twelve zodiac animals can be exchanged for the exclusive family photo NFT! Quanjiafu NFT will redeem more rights and interests of maze platform in the later stage.

Liu Hailun, a contemporary young artist and the founder of IP mbear Xiong Xiaomu, has excellent cross-border cooperation with clothing, travel, home and beverage brands such as mark Huafei, akishui Yiren, Giordano, anneleven, bromen Bremen, etc. Stars Ren Jialun, Han Xue, fan Chengcheng and others have also worn the clothes of artist Liu hailun to shoot fashion film and television blockbusters, fashion week shows and so on.

"In the past four years, I have been creating an original cartoon image called Xiong Xiaomu. Xiong Xiaomu always gives people warm power, sometimes lovely, free and romantic, and sometimes lonely, sad and melancholy. I hope everyone can feel warmth, the power of being loved and comforted in my works. I hope the audience can feel love, freedom and joy when watching his works , feel the power of healing.
The upcoming NFT is inspired by the Chinese zodiac and 12 planets in the solar system, with a total of 12 pictures. Each picture is a different sign. In these works, Xiong Xiaomu wears the yellow jersey of the NBA Lakers, and the number of each Jersey is different, corresponding to 12 players respectively. "

The artist Liu hailun said about the creation story behind the bear Xiaomu zodiac series.

NFT profile of the bear Koki zodiac series:

Earth - rabbit of the zodiac:The bear rabbit comes from the earth and wears an m-bear No. 2 Jersey. The blue bow and green ears represent its blessing and expectation for a clean earth.

Venus - ox of the zodiac:The Mavericks come from Venus and wear m-bear No. 35 Jersey. They are simple, honest and hardworking. They welcome every guest who comes to Venus and prepare sweet and delicious milk for them.

Jupiter - horse of the zodiac:The pony comes from Jupiter and wears an m-bear No. 20 Jersey. It has gorgeous rose red skin and a pinch of majestic mane. Pony bear has inexhaustible energy, and it will always run freely on Jupiter.

Mercury - rat of the zodiac:The bear mouse comes from mercury and wears an m-bear No. 14 Jersey. It has dark skin and a pair of short ears of different colors. Who knows how much food it stores in mercury dungeon?

Mars - sheep of the zodiac:Xiong Xiaoyang comes from Mars and wears m-bear No. 24 Jersey. He is naturally curly and has a kind and simple nature. Bear lamb has this pair of ancient and strange horns, which will squint comfortably when touched.

Saturn - dog of the zodiac:Bear and dog come from Saturn and wear m-bear No. 8 Jersey. It has a very auspicious meaning in Chinese society. If you see a bear and dog on Saturn, good luck will come soon!

Uranus - Tiger of the zodiac:Xiong Xiaohu comes from Uranus and wears an m-bear No. 40 shirt. Xiong Xiaohu is the guardian of Uranus. He also expressed good wishes to the bear rabbit in the year of the tiger.

Neptune - dragon of the zodiac:Xiong Xiaolong comes from Neptune and wears an m-bear No. 5 shirt. Bruce bear loves swimming and roams freely around Neptune every day. Sometimes you can hear Bruce bear's long chirp in the lonely night. Do you know what it is calling?

Pluto - pig of the zodiac: Bear piggy is from Pluto and wears m-bear No. 12 Jersey. The biggest happiness of bear piglet every day is to eat snacks. As long as there is delicious food, it is always very happy. Do you want to go to Pluto and eat snacks with bear piglet?

Moon - monkey of the zodiac:The bear monkey comes from the moon and wears an m-bear No. 23 Jersey. The moon is beautiful, but bear monkeys are sometimes very lonely. It looks at the earth from the moon every day and hopes that the bear and rabbit can be a guest.

Ganymede - snake of the zodiac:Bear snake is from Ganymede and wears m-bear No. 34 Jersey. Bear snake has a pair of cute big eyes and likes to spit out its tongue at other little friends. Bear snake is often afraid to avoid by some little friends because of its tongue sticking out. In fact, it is very eager for the company of friends.

Titan - chicken of the zodiac:The bear chick comes from Titan and wears an m-bear No. 3 Jersey. A pair of cute chicken beaks and a pair of cute yellow ears. Its wish is to open up its own farm on Enceladus. Do you want to visit the bear chicken farm?

In addition to the initial purchase, you can also receive the airdrop white list account of "Xiong Xiaomu's twelve zodiac series" for free after completing the task:

  • Follow official twitter @ Bytom_ Official, forward activities and @ 3 friends;
  • Invite 3 friends to sign up for maze and join maze Telecom community entering the community, please report the wallet address in the group for admin verification);
  • Please fill in the information in this Google form:

Deadline: before 23:59, May 19, Beijing time (UTC + 8)

Activity reward: select 20 users for airdrop (only one for each person).

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