Mengniu and Suning Yipin opened the era of "meta universe + milk" and analyzed the marketing means behind it

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Author / Zhao Jiaru

Earlier, it was reported that Turkish farmers brought VR glasses to their cows to improve milk production. According to the farmer, the mood of cows wearing eyeglasses also improved, and the daily milk production increased from 22 liters to 27 liters.

At that time, many people thought it was like a joke of "meta universe cattle raising", but the author noticed that the means of "meta universe + milk" also appeared around us. Mengniu and Suning Yipin also opened the meta universe layout. What's the way to play? Next, we will dismantle the marketing means behind this with sutuyuan Space Research Institute.

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Mengniu and Suning Yipin create a marketing story of "Yuan universe + milk"

At the beginning of this year, Mengniu launched the secondary virtual employee "nice", followed by the content creation solicitation of Mengniu's "Mo! Dreamer" in April to create a "Mengniu land" meta universe new world together with Odin meta,

In addition, Mengniu launched its first digital collection "three calves ยท sleep free box" on Odin meta platform. It is understood that "three calves ยท sleep free box" can not only be exchanged for physical milk, but also each "sleep free box" can be used in the Yuanyu Sanyuan open world of Odin meta, which can be used to quickly recover the physical strength consumed by users collecting materials.

At the same time, sutuyuan cosmology Research Institute also noted that Suning Tesco's own brand Suning Yipin "five farmers" opened the era of digital dairy cows. Five farmers' digital dairy cows were launched on the world platform at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. The first batch of 500 Digital dairy cows were sold at a price of 599 yuan each. It is reported that Suning Yipin cooperated with the world at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty to breed on virtual pastures to realize rights confirmation, circulation transaction and milk production income, Can receive milk goods in real life.

In fact, this kind of marketing method of binding digital collections to physical sales is not uncommon, but Mengniu and Suning Yipin have more ambitions to layout the meta universe. They are both FMCG merchants and do not have the relevant technical reserves of the meta universe, but they are jointly arranged with the meta universe platform.

After landing "Mengniu land", I saw the Q version of Mengniu mainland. The overall painting style is similar to the task platform of tmall double 11. At present, "Mengniu land" is still in the collection of content creation, which is divided into content creation of five tracks. The forms of entries include plane type, animation special effects, 3D modeling, short video, scheme script, etc., which also makes sutuyuan Space Research Institute boldly guess, In the future, "Mengniu land" is likely to be built into a "Yuan universe store", where you can buy or exchange related products of Mengniu through props.

(image source: Mengniu land screenshot)

"Mengniu land" attracts the attention of creators and consumers, and makes more people look forward to the launch of "Mengniu land", which naturally enables Mengniu to carry out brand publicity and create an exclusive meta universe e-commerce platform.

Suning Yipin joined hands with the early Yuan world platform. It is understood that the early Yuan world is the platform focusing on the e-commerce of the yuan universe. Developers can design, cast and publish their own land through the tools and editors of the early Yuan world, and use or collect digital collections through games.

(source: World in the early Yuan Dynasty)

The play method of the yuanchu farm project created this time is also different from the digital collection. After purchasing the "digital cow", users can carry out the circulation, trading, placement, breeding and income milk production of digital cows in the yuanchu world, so as to realize "yuanuniverse + cow = milk", and yuanchu farm has also become the first ecosystem in China based on agriculture + yuanuniverse.

It is worth noting that the 2022 yuan universe industry development trend report released by sutu yuan universe research institute points out that,The meta universe should develop in the form of "meta universe +". From this point of view, although "metauniverse + milk" is the marketing means of enterprises, it is different from the way most of them claim to layout the metauniverse only by selling digital collections. This combination of metauniverse and commerce can also be called the joint development of virtual and real.

Meta universe marketing play behind disassembly

Sutu yuancosmos Research Institute also noted that the milk brands entering yuancosmos are not only Mengniu and Suning Yipin. Last year, yuexianhuo landed on the Xihe platform to build a milk factory and realize the transparency of the industrial chain in the virtual world; In March this year, Jindian also opened the meta universe press conference in Xi'an. More and more FMCG joined the meta universe. In fact, in the final analysis, it is a means of marketing to create a younger brand.

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From the sale of NFT digital collections, to the playing method of NFT digital collections integrating physical products, and then to the new action of virtual space, the brand continues to break the circle in the meta universe marketing scene. Whether Mengniu, Suning Yipin or yuexianhuo, they all want to get a share in the trend of the meta universe. However, how to create an exclusive brand logo and activity concept in the marketing scene of the meta universe is also a problem for many enterprises to think about in the layout of the meta universe.

Sutu yuancosmos Research Institute believes that the most important thing of yuancosmos marketing is the "integration of virtual and real". If the brand wants to use the concept of yuancosmos to help the brand upgrade "trendy and novel", it must first consider how to "get close" to the yuancosmos. Take Mengniu as an example, first launch virtual employees, then collect ideas for the meta universe platform, and take advantage of the trend to launch NFT digital collections to combine with physical products, which can not only successfully launch new products, but also pave the way for the future "Mengniu land".

Secondly, when looking for the help of the third-party meta universe technology platform, the brand should formulate the playing methods and rules of the platform in advance, with rich content as the support. For example, Suning Yipin sells "digital cows" and formulates a play method similar to "cloud cattle raising". Consumers can participate in it and exchange real milk in addition to having fun.

Most importantly, what is the concept and brand view that the brand wants to establish? Suning has built an e-commerce platform of "meta universe + agriculture" to "promote the development of traditional agriculture and help rural revitalization"; Mengniu insists on bringing healthy milk; Yuexianhuo's yuanuniverse dairy factory puts forward the brand concept of "five world-class models" to shape "super international quality".

Analysts of sutu Yuanyu Research Institute said that the marketing application of meta universe is the only way for meta universe to realize commercialization. The marketing story of "meta universe + milk" is worth thinking about by each brand. How to use the concept, technology and playing method of meta universe to open up a "new marketing continent". Sutu Yuanyu Research Institute looks forward to working with more brands to help the development of meta universe.

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