10 best cases of metauniverse you must know

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(original title: the 10 best examples of the metaverse everyone should know about)

Metauniverse, everyone is talking about it, but no one knows exactly what it is. It still seems a little difficult to organize a list of platforms that represent its best experience. However, if we understand it as a continuously connected digital environment focused on providing users with an immersive experience, we can try to list some projects, some existing and upcoming projects.

Not all the projects highlighted here involve virtual reality or decentralization and cryptocurrency. Although these are technologies that may have a place in the metauniverse, strictly speaking, they are not an essential part of every metauniverse.

So instead of focusing on examples that meet all technical requirements, look at examples that do one or more core elements particularly well. Not all of these can fully realize the real meta cosmic world (one of them is even an idea), but they all let us see what the digital world will look like in the future.

Number one player

It's a bit deceptive to include the number one player because it doesn't exist and is completely fictional. If you've seen a movie or read the original book, you'll know it's not necessarily a bad thing. It is indeed a good example of what the metauniverse may eventually look like, and I hope we will not mainly use it as a means to escape the terrible reality.

The number one player showed us what a fully immersive interactive virtual reality world looks like. Although it is pure science fiction, it is not necessarily so far away. A survey conducted by Ericsson in 2020 found that seven out of ten people believe that by 2030, we will have a VR world indistinguishable from reality. The meta cosmic world is often referred to as dystopia, but it is not as terrible to mankind as other fictional digital realities we can mention.

Second life

Second life was founded by Linden labs in 2003, before Facebook (let alone meta) even appeared. There is some debate about whether it constitutes a meta universe. One reason is that, as its name implies, it was established to allow users to participate in another life as another identity, rather than bringing their existing real-world life online. However, others believe that it is actually the first popular online meta cosmic environment. Although it may not meet the relevant conditions, it is a useful example of an online community composed of millions of users with immersive and experiential interfaces.

Meta horizon

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg renamed his company meta, it showed that he believed that the concept of meta universe was important to digital communication, social and life in the future. So far, several projects have been produced, including horizon worlds (virtual world platform), horizon ventures (active platform) and horizon workrooms (Virtual Office). All these platforms are interrelated and allow users to create avatars that represent them as they explore and interact with other users. The existence of horizon brings an interesting phenomenon, which forces us to face such a question: do we want a meta universe in which ownership is concentrated under company holders, or a more decentralized and decentralized governance model.

Fortress night

Fortress night is known as one of the most successful online games of all time. But creator Epic Games soon understood that once they gathered millions of tech savvy gamers on their platform, it could become something that changed the rules of the game. In order to turn the world of Fortress night into a meta universe, epic has two main directions to create live concerts from global superstars, such as Travis Scott and Ariana grandebillie eilish. Brands including telco 02, ITV and Carrefour supermarket will take their first step into the meta universe with creative mode.


Decentraland is something between games, marketing channels and the creation of digital and decentralized democratic experiments. It is a real Web3 platform. Managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), it is the online home of some global superstars and brands, including Morgan Stanley, Coca Cola, Adidas, Samsung and Snoop Dogg. It has its own cryptocurrency mana, and anyone interested in buying a piece of land there now needs to pay at least $10000. The most expensive land in decentraland costs far more than $1 million.

NVIDIA Omniverse

Omniverse is NVIDIA's attempt to create a creative meta universe platform for 3D design professionals. It is based on the technology developed by animation studio Pixar, which creates a universal scene description (USD) language to enable 3D objects and environments to be transplanted across different toolsets. For example, allow characters to work with facial animators, fashion designers and other creative people to design, all using tools they are familiar with. As the 3D environment becomes more detailed and immersive, more work needs to be done to build it. This creative framework will become a necessary tool for the studio to create meta cosmic content.


Roblox is a game platform used by more than 50 million users every day. It allows anyone to create their own game world and even make profits. These worlds exist in an interconnected meta universe and share avatars, currencies and other aspects. Compared with other platforms mentioned here, the audience of this platform is younger. Companies including Nike, Forever 21, Gucci, NASCAR, Ralph Lauren and vans have used this platform to establish a virtual world, and users can interact with their brands. Although anyone can create their own games in roblox, it is designed, so they will have a similar look and feel, which means that once players log in and experience one of the games, they will feel comfortable in any game.

The Sandbox

Sandbox, originally a mobile game, was transplanted to the Ethereum blockchain by its creator in 2018, becoming one of the first truly decentralized meta universe platforms. It includes its own object creation tools that allow anyone to create 3D objects, characters, vehicles or anything they can think of, then cast them into NFT and import them into other sandbox worlds. These NFTs can also be traded and sold through the built-in market of the platform. Assets and land are created as NFT, and like decentraland, transactions are conducted in the platform's own currency, sand. Sandbox is another popular platform that the brand hopes to build business in metauniverse. Its owners include HSBC, Warner Music, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Hilton.


This project has not been officially announced for a long time, and there are not many details, but it is a meta universe project established by Yuga labs, which is the founder of the very successful bored ape Yacht Club (bayc) series NFT. In April, the company raised $285 million by selling the first "deeds" that landed on the platform. Although there are few appearance details when otherside is open to the public, the developers said, "it can be regarded as a metarpg (role-playing game). Players have the world, your NFT can become a playable role, and thousands of people can play real-time games together."

Pokemon Go

Pokemon go was launched before the hype surrounding the concept of the meta universe intensified. However, it is the preferred "killer application" of augmented reality (AR), which is predicted to be one of the cornerstone technologies for the establishment of the meta universe. Therefore, it is one of the best examples of how the meta universe integrates the real world and the digital world. Nintendo, its founder, further blurred the boundary between reality and virtualization by launching advertising and promotional activities to allow real-world enterprises to establish a digital presence in poke verse.

(editor's note: This article is an overseas translation, which is only for sharing views and does not constitute any investment suggestions.)

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