After Xiangxun forced employees to develop digital collection app within 20 days, the company was laid off. The company was only established in February and will launch the secondary market of digital collection at the end of the month

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Source:Blue whale Finance

On the afternoon of May 16, "Xiangxun" wechat official account issued a document, "I wish Xiangxun would close down soon!", It is suspected that the former employee spoke through the company's official wechat.

The sender said he was the head of the Xiangxun technical team. He said that at the end of March, the company asked him to take the people of his department to develop Xiangxun app within 20 days. He said that the fastest time for a normal app from design to development is about 40 days. "For products developed in such a short time,

Some bugs are normal, but a leader surnamed Li rushed into our office after the bug appeared and scolded, and the language was vulgar... "
"In the process of repairing the bug, Li kept putting pressure on everyone to work overtime. On one occasion, he called him more than 3 a.m. and blamed him," the sender added. At the end of April, (LI) also asked to add a lot of so-called new functions, such as Im instant messaging, which should be completed within a week. In the opinion of the author, "this self-developed function will take at least two months". According to him (or her), they paid and stayed up late in exchange for collective dismissal.

At present, the article has been deleted.

According to tianyancha app, Xiangxun digital technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangxun) was established on March 7, 2022 for about two months. The shareholders of the company include jet Lian, Li Peng and Wang Xiaonan.

According to the official website, Xiangxun's business scope is mainly to issue digital collections. According to the official website, relying on the underlying technology of the blockchain, the digital platform cooperates with well-known creators, digital collection service providers and museums to map the data contents such as works of art and cultural relics derivatives on the chain to form a digital collection with both cultural and artistic value and unique digital identification. On the basis of protecting its digital copyright, realize the true and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use.
According to its introduction, the total investment of Xiangxun is expected to be 160 million, which is used to build the meta universe.

According to the introduction, Xiangxun will carry out digital collection business in strict accordance with relevant policies and laws and regulations; We strictly implement real name authentication for collectors, strictly screen and control the distribution content, and advocate that the collection be transferred to other real name collectors free of charge! The alliance chain provides underlying technical services for the distribution of Xiangxun digital collections, ensures its uniqueness and authenticity, and protects the copyright of the publisher and the rights and interests of consumers.

Blue whale finance and economics noted that at present, Xiangxun app has been unable to register.

In the official community of Xiangxun, it is announced that Xiangxun will officially launch a new version of APP on May 20, and open the secondary market on time on May 30. At present, data migration is under way.

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