Unbounded territory: Based on copyright, it is the real creator economy

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In 2022, there will be an average of 30 digital collection trading platforms in China every month, and the digital collection track will change from blue ocean to red ocean. Where else can innovation be?

On May 16, the digital copyright online trading platform "unbounded territory" was launched, which is undoubtedly one of the first "copyright trading" platforms built based on blockchain technology in China.

On the one hand, unbounded territory provides artists and creators with a complete set of solutions such as copyright registration, protection, application and circulation of digital works. On the other hand, new media, design, advertising, various vertical industries and individual users can purchase rich high-quality digital copyrights such as photography, illustration, pure art, digital art and so on.

The unbounded territory is developed by Hangzhou super node information technology Co., Ltd. behind it is Babbitt, the earliest blockchain company in China established in 2011.

The right is confirmed when the works are put on the shelf. Only one copy is sold without being opened. The ownership and use right are separated, and the radical auction mode is introduced... The unbounded territory has created a number of new playing methods in the industry. As the first batch of users, I logged in for the first time and had a dialogue with the founder changclip on metauniverse, creator economy and copyright transaction.

Long clip said he hoped that China's superhero IP might be born here.

"Radical auction" mode and innovate the copyright circulation mechanism

Log in to the web version of unbounded territory, and you can see that the platform provides categories of digital copyright products, including photography, illustration, pure art, digital art and so on.

Take the "magic world # 003" of the artist "sipping spring" in the category of digital art as an example. After clicking to buy, there will be two choices: purchase "copyright ownership" or only purchase "license right".

โ–ฒ "magic word #003", by sipping Quan

โ–ฒ unbounded territory can be divided into "copyright ownership" and "license ownership"

The purchase price of copyright ownership is 500 yuan. The license right can be subdivided into standard authorization, extended authorization and commodity authorization, which are 30 yuan, 55 yuan and 90 yuan respectively. After selecting the type, Alipay will jump to complete the payment directly in RMB. However, the purchase needs to complete the real name certification.

This means that if consumers want to enjoy the copyright of works exclusively, that is, all the rights of works except the right of authorship, it is more appropriate to purchase the copyright ownership directly. If you only want to obtain the limited commercial use right of the work, you can buy the corresponding use right at a much lower price.

Interestingly, once the consumer has the copyright of the work, the copyright owner can get the sales share if other users purchase the right to use or adapt the work in the future.

At the level of copyright circulation, unbounded territory innovatively introduces the circulation mode of "radical auction" for "copyright ownership". In short,All goods in the radical market will always be in the state of "fixed price auction". The higher the price, no one can really own the ownership of an item.

Therefore, when a consumer purchases the copyright ownership of a work in unbounded territory, he must re price the product. For example, a product with a cost of 1000 yuan can bid 3000 yuan. Before the next user purchases, consumers can enjoy all the rights and interests of the work.

The radical market requires consumers to pay a certain proportion of the deposit based on the bid when pricing, which means that the copyright owner cannot bid at will. The higher the bid, the higher the cost.

The introduction of radical auction mode makes the copyright of works in unbounded territory have better liquidity. At the same time, it greatly reduces the Improper Transaction of "rare goods to live in" and asking excessive prices. Unbounded territory is a rare practice of radical market and haberg tax theory in the real economy.

From the perspective of experience, the radical auction method makes the copyright of unbounded territory price in the process of circulation, which brings more "game" between users and the market.

โ–ฒ artist sipping spring's unbounded territory home page

Chain up art works and put "digital copyright" in your pocket

People who know about traditional copyright trading may understand that traditional copyright trading has a set of offline, cumbersome, signing and authorization process. This is a market in which "professionals" participate, and ordinary people can't participate.

An innovation of unbounded territory is the introduction of blockchain technology. When creators put their works on the shelves, the platform will provide copyright agent registration services for works based on China Copyright Protection Center.In addition, the platform will upload the works to the blockchain for certificate storage. The underlying blockchain can connect with Hangzhou notary office and Hangzhou Internet court, and provide one-stop online notarization and rights protection services for creators in the later stage.

This way of storing certificates on the chain completes the storing certificates, copyright registration and copyright protection of art works on the chain with low cost and high efficiency, which is an innovation of the traditional copyright trading process. In addition, this work together with the copyright ownership will generate a unique digital copyright asset certificate, which is equivalent to putting the digital copyright into the pocket. The radical auction protocol based on blockchain smart contract can automatically realize the circulation of copyright.

โ–ฒ certificate of ownership confirmation of blockchain of digital works in unbounded territory

In 2022, China's digital collection track will be completely popular. In April, "national teams" with state-owned assets background in Shandong and Hangzhou also launched trading platforms one after another.

What is the difference between unbounded territory and these data collection platforms? To some extent, the essence of consumers' purchase of digital collections is consumption. They do not own the copyright of works, so they can not commercialize digital collections, which is a common pain point of the current digital collection trading platform.

The core feature of unbounded territory is that it can trade "copyright ownership".

According to domestic laws, copyright cannot be cut and sold. Copyright is unique and must be transferred in an overall form. Therefore, unlike the low unit price and dynamic sales of tens of thousands of collections on the digital collection platform, there is only one copyright ownership of works on the unbounded territory, but the unit price is relatively high. Therefore, there is no limited time "rush purchase" and no hunger marketing. It is a demand driven cultural product market.

We found that boundless territory makes copyright "flow". On the one hand, it allows ordinary consumers to enter the "copyright trading" market. Moreover, it greatly stimulates the trading enthusiasm of the market and enables copyright buyers to take the initiative to find use scenes for works like "copyright managers", so as to make profits in the sales of use rights and adaptation rights. On the other hand, it also allows cutting-edge and young creators with a slight lack of popularity and resources to enjoy the dividends of the times brought by copyright trading and cultural consumption.

Therefore, copyright trading makes digital works from "possession" to "use", which is fully in line with domestic regulatory policies. It is likely to be another new engine to promote cultural consumption and the development of digital economy after the emerging market of digital collections.

โ–ฒ "rising sun", by Li Yuanyuan

Creator's economic rise, boundless territory or the cradle of China's cutting-edge IP

In 2022, the "meta universe - the road to infinite Games" by Babbitt founder Chang clip was published. Unbounded image is his practice in the meta cosmic world.

He said that the meta universe should have species before ecology. The so-called species are homogeneous and heterogeneous assets. For the non encryption circle, it is the copyright with IP attribute.

"Copyright is the basic element of the meta universe. After NFT, there are many commercial application scenarios, and the whole path of copyright commerce will be greatly shortened. The real creator economy should be based on copyright, not NFT, because NFT only represents a technical standard, and copyright is the right protected by practical law." Said the long clip.

In April 2022, Chinese enterprises such as Li Ning, Greenland Group and beirelaxed took advantage of the "boring ape" to make brand marketing popular in the whole network. The latter is recognized as the world's first digital collection and metauniverse IP brand. At first, the boring ape was only 10000 head pictures, but today, it has been or will be made into a series of derivative products such as movies, games, clothing, catering and so on.

Long clip believes that in the past, there were novels, films and games before derivatives, but today, there may also be graphic works of artists, super IP, film, literature and other adaptation or cultural and creative derivatives markets.

"Boring ape's distinctive works are very suitable for IP operation, and the operation idea of works on unbounded territory is an idea of IP operation. We hope that unbounded territory can breed our own superhero IP. We will cut in from the perspective of copyright and link it with China's intellectual property law.I think our Chinese artists may need a localized IP platform to help them operate.At the same time, we believe that although some cutting-edge artists are not well-known at present and the IP attribute of their works may not be strong, we pay more attention to the potential of their works. We choose those works with strong Chinese style and localization style to cultivate China's own Altman or boring ape, so as to build a community of Creator economy. "

Long clip also mentioned that he believes that China's digital art copyright market has been underestimated or ignored for a long time, and the unbounded territory hopes to change the current market environment of China's digital art copyright.

Unbounded territory official website:https://artist.wujiebantu.com/

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