Behind vox's premiere revenue of more than one million: where is the domestic male virtual idol?

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Source:Prophet travel

The circle is small and there is a lot of news. I'm afraid this sentence can't be more appropriate to summarize the recent virtual idol circle.

Last Tuesday, Jiale, a member of a-soul, a well-known domestic virtual idol group, was about to stop daily live broadcasting and most idol activities and enter "live broadcasting sleep" due to physical and academic reasons. This so-called "live dormancy" directly broke all previous rumors, including high training intensity and unfair salary. While the outside world is sad and angry at the experience of several middle-aged people, it once again senses the gold absorption ability of female virtual idols.

Coincidentally, rainbow society is a well-known male virtual idolVOX AKUMAHe started his first live broadcast at station B on May 6. During the live broadcast, the cumulative number of viewers reached425000 people, it's on the top immediatelyNo. 1 in vtuber category。 The reward income is also very considerable, and the live broadcast income of the same dayBreak through one million yuan, Captain BiliBili passedone thousandName.

It is under the interweaving of such two news stories,Prophet travel (ID: yuyanjiayoubao)It is found that domestic male virtual idols seem to have "disappeared".

There have been many male virtual idols in China, whether focusing onlive broadcastVirtual anchor, orSinging and dancingBased on virtual idol, all manufacturers hope to become the first person to "eat" crabs in this blue ocean. However, after three years of development, people found that,There is still no commercially successful male virtual idol case in the whole market.

In fact, virtual idol programs such as cross dimensional new star and 2060 have also appeared in China, and similar programs will be launched every year in the future. However, the male virtual idols in the program are also short-lived. Many of them don't even hit the broadcast cycle of the program, and disappear in the public view like meteors.

Why can't male virtual idols do it? What are the basic qualities of an excellent male virtual idol? Where is the development path of male virtual idols in the future? With these questions, prophet Youbao visited a number of people in the virtual idol industry, audiences and loyal fans, hoping to get answers from them.

Voice, appearance and human design, domestic male virtual anchor has many difficulties

Virtual anchor is not only an important branch of virtual idol, but also the most extensive way for people to contact virtual idol. Since stumbling love has achieved success in Japan, the virtual anchor has jumped out of the original live video at station B VuP, making the concept of virtual idol widely spread.

At present, male virtual anchors are a market segment that can not be ignored all over the world. If you look at the annual income data of vtuber giants around the world, men can still occupy a place in this female dominated market.Five of the top 30 global vtuber rankings in 2021 are male virtual anchors.Ge ye and ye's success has outlined the trend that male virtual anchors in the global market are beginning to rise.

Until last December, the nijisanji en group of rainbow society centered on the English circleβ€œLuxiem”Debut means that more and more latecomers are entering the field of male virtual anchor. Luxiem combination, we mentioned earlierVOXThe most popular. From his successful experience, we can also see through the dilemma of domestic male virtual anchor.

Xiao Kou, a senior virtual anchor fan, has been chasing the live broadcast since vox began broadcasting last year. In his eyes, vox has three magic weapons:Sound, shape and human design。 Among them,The most attractive thing is his magnetic sound line, most fans also started watching his live broadcast because of the good voice.

In the field of virtual anchor, sound has always been a very important measure.In the world, the sound of virtual anchor has been half successful. As we all know, many virtual anchors are played by professional sound actors. These people may not have been equipped with many well-known animation works, but their excellent basic skills still enable them to attract the audience with their own voice lines. All this is due to Japan's excellent sound talent training system, which is enough for these sound talents to feed back to other relevant cultural fields.

However, the domestic situation is not very optimistic.In recent years, the female secondary users around the prophet have been complaining about the games they play and the radio dramas they listen to, and the voice quality invited is too single. Open a new game and hear the names of Ajie, Bian Jiang, Jiang Guangtao and Wu Lei. The players' ears are cocooned, which is enough to highlight the dilemma of insufficient number of male voice actors.

While the number of training is insufficient, mainstream male voice actors are willing to go to the stage from behind the scenes, and even participate in some variety shows. At this time, if they are required to be virtual anchors and phi PI broadcasts live every day, I'm afraid few people are willing to do it.

Vox's second secret of success is shape.A game company art design small green is a vox "skin powder". In her opinion, as a demon, vox's shape design does not intuitively cater to some external imagination of demons, but continuously integrates Japanese Mafia elements and demonic elements to form the current design. Little green thinks,Red earrings on the wrists and long curly legs,Are very useful to female audiences.

This design and aesthetic interest, as well as fine and complex design, are difficult to see in the domestic virtual anchor.Xiaolv compared the prophet with several good virtual anchors on the market, such as Shan Guangyi in the virtual up Master of virtuareal. Although dota is included in others' settings, no specific dota elements are seen in the appearance of this virtual up master. After the change of vertical painting, it only changed from student uniform to white windbreaker, and the characteristics are still not prominent enough.

However, the general secondary audience in China is very concerned about the appearance, especially the female audience.Prophets can often see that a second female game has a new card, and players express their dissatisfaction with the male character drawing. This is even true for a vertical painting, not to mention the virtual anchor who accompanies her every day and even wants her to reward it.

In addition, the mainstream of virtual anchor is still adoptedLive-2DTechnology, there is still a certain gap between Japanese and Chinese enterprises in terms of the fineness of these Pseudo 3D modeling. Domestic pan quadratic users have been increased by Japanese live-2d modeling, and many female users obviously don't see the virtual anchor produced under the condition of insufficient budget in China.

Finally, vox's personal design and sense of business also determine its current popularity.A successful secondary human design is beyond the imagination of the audience. Nana, who is also a senior vox fan, told the prophet that all of luxiem's members are from the past, including novelists, detectives, mafia and spell casters, and the devil played by vox is undoubtedly the most strange one. Besides Shanghai, there are vampire literature like twilight, which is very useful for women.

Nana thinks that in terms of pet powder,Overseas male virtual anchors are good at coming, and they also have the space and opportunity to do some marginal moves,Vox also has its uniqueness in serving fans.

Once Nana watched vox live. He just bought a new microphone. ASMR is one of the live content of Vox, but that microphone is not dedicated to ASMR. Almost all fans asked vox to lick the new microphone on the bullet screen. Vox was reluctant at first, but after two seconds, he immediately licked it gently with his tongue and said "it (microphone) is so wet now", causing all fans to scream in the barrage.

β€œThere must be no way to do this kind of live broadcast in China. It will be beeped. However, even considering vox's sense of business, few of the people who are now phipi's virtual anchor can have a sense of service fans similar to vox”, Nana said.

What about the domestic situation?Xu Shaoqing, the person in charge of radish time and space, believes that women's requirements for male virtual anchors are not low. Meeting women's fantasies about men and a person who is more pleasing to the audience are the most basic requirements for male virtual anchors. Being able to operate and have a sense of company is the goal of a higher level, and these points can screen out 70% of male virtual anchors.

When these basic qualities are not good enough, the user base will eventually determine whether a market segment can be bigger and stronger. Unfortunately, the user base just leads to the current situation of Chinese male virtual anchor.

Martian Culture & amp; Li Hao, founder of photosynthetic rice making, told the prophet that before entering the field of virtual idols, they had conducted a market research with a sample size of one thousand people and found thatAt that time, in terms of China's market volume, it was an impossible task to operate a male virtual idol and make profits.

"In our statistics, there are about 350 million secondary users in China, but there are only 60 million users who can be called secondary basic disk. If we continue to limit to the users interested in virtual anchors, I'm afraid there will be no more than 20 million. The proportion of men among these 20 million people is as high as 70% - 80%. Men are basically not interested in male virtual anchors. It's difficult for us to obtain a mature market. At the same time, we can grasp the demands of male users More accurate, so I finally chose to launch silent sauce, "Li Hao said.

The entry threshold of virtual idol is conservative for 100 million, and the commercial return determines life and death

Virtual anchor is a dead end,So will virtual idol be more male friendly?After the survey of the prophet, it is found that virtual idol needs more investment from manufacturers. It's hard to use the concept of idol to improve the number of fans, but it's hard to use idol to operate live. Similarly, on the premise of insufficient fan base, and the coverage of female virtual idol in the trend range is much higher than that of men, the situation of male virtual idol is not difficult to understand.

In recent years, there have been many male virtual idols, such as those launched by a-soul, the benchmark of Lehua entertainmentQuantum boy。 However, these male virtual idols are companiesDecisions made for enriching the product line and further financing publicity。 When it comes to betting resources, women's virtual idol is obviously higher than men's. No matter the fineness of modeling or the level of people in it, we can see that "men and women are different".

It's hard to see that there are a variety of virtual studios that Xu Qing doesn't support. It's hard to see that there are few idols behind them.

The production and promotion of such a virtual idol generally requires the production companyInvest a lot of money in the research and development of technology and the selection of Chinese people。 Li Hao gave a specific number,Music elementLaunchedFight, Jackie,One year investmentRMB 15-20 million,In four or five yearsa hundred million。 With 100 million invested in the planning of such female virtual idols, the music element obviously feels that there is still hope to recover the cost in the end. If a similar investment is put into the virtual men's team, it is normal to lose everything.

As for the virtual idol like Xingtong, Tencent has invested more money in it. However, since Xingtong is a sub project of QQ dazzle dance, the resources invested in the whole game will also feed back to Xingtong. Eating two fish can eliminate the investment cost. After all, these development investment of virtual idol obviously can not be compared with a national game.

In Xu Shaoqing's eyes,If the purpose of the company entering the virtual idol is to publicize itself and realize financing, it will naturally ignore the cost until the appeal is realized; However, if the goal of the virtual idol team is to make profits and self hematopoiesis, the outcome of most projects will not be too beautiful.

The core reason is that the realization method of virtual idol is slightly better than that of virtual anchor. Advanced technology can help them obtain high-quality endorsement and commercial orders. However, focusing on each virtual idol individual, the types of endorsement products are very limited, and the single income is a drop in the bucket. Finally, they still have to go back to live broadcasting, and the plight of male virtual anchor will be returned to them.

Liu Chenfei, CEO of Benyi digital entertainment, also said: "male virtual idol can receive all kinds of endorsements,But the product line covered is far less than that of women.Last year, many fashion luxury brands looked for spokesmen, and finally many found women's virtual idol. In fact, it is difficult for men's virtual idol to grasp the direction of the trend, and the types of endorsement products are becoming more and more limited. "

A successful women's virtual idol can make men and women eat all, so as to cover the mainstream brand types and attract more brand owners to cooperate. For example, Xingtong can not only endorse the make up brand make up for ever and sanitary napkin brand Sophie, but also cooperate with beverage brands such as Watson and lux for all users. Obviously, male virtual idols can't speak for sanitary napkins and beauty makeup, so virtual idol companies that want to take the business route will continue to incline their resources to female virtual idols.

Therefore, at present, the market can achieve the goal of making profits and self hematopoiesis, in addition to Xingtong, ayayi and Liu Yexi, which take business orders as the main source of income, are entertainment companies such as Lehua or Wahaha, which are professional to build idol groups.

Large companies control everything, and there is only one result, that is, the survival of the team is measured by business ability, and the fate of male virtual idol is doomed early.

Farewell to the Red Sea, male virtual idols need to embrace a new platform

So far, the male practitioners of virtual anchor and virtual idol can't get through, so how can we change this situation? The industry itself is still optimistic about the prospect of male virtual idols, and the way to break the situation seems to be at hand.

The mainstream view of the industry holds that the potential energy for the growth of male virtual idols has been accumulated, and all conditions are actually ready. If we can find a typical case to break the deadlock, the market of male virtual idols will no longer be limited to the original millions of female users. So,How to make male virtual idols break the circle is the focus of the industry in the next step.

It is worth mentioning that after the industry rectification last year,Talent shows, an important category of variety shows, disappeared directly. It seems that virtual idols can directly fill the relevant market gaps, once again aroused the enthusiasm of sleeping star chasing.

Xu Shaoqing revealed to the prophet that if he has the opportunity to cooperate with the platform in the future, he is still willing to build a male virtual idol group similar to iqiyi richboom before. In his idea, not "greasy" is a very important temperament of several members in the plan, and the music he plays should also be rap representing the current trend culture.

Li Hao also believes that if male virtual idols want to get rid of the tepid status quo, breaking the circle is the only way. In his opinion, whether we can get out of a national virtual idol depends on luck, butJumping out of the mainstream and active platforms of virtual idols is a way to enter emerging platforms like little red book.

Some overseas virtual idols started from instagram. For example, lil Miquela is a virtual idol that publishes content on instagram. It became popular in the way of linkage with other virtual idols, operated its own personal settings, and immediately gained super popularity. Although little red book is far less fashionable than instagram, the community with high stickiness of female users is very helpful for male virtual idols to quickly accumulate popularity.

The weakness of the virtual industry is the main reason why we can become an idol. After the recovery of head IP in other fields, it is still unknown whether the virtual idol can continue to maintain its current popularity. Therefore, whether male or female virtual idols, it is still crucial to deal with the next industry platform period.

Yes, when the whole industry is facing the time node of cooling down, virtual idols, both men and women, should consider where to go next. Finding a new business model and a new platform may stimulate a new thing like virtual idol to a new peak.

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