520 is coming. What kind of experience is it to fall in love in the meta universe?

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According to reddit's latest user data, as the weather warms, the "Romance" in the metauniverse also begins to heat up, and more and more users are dating in the metauniverse.ย 

From interior design to food subscription service, brands in various industries began to participate in this business opportunity.

Reddit's exclusive data shows that people who pursue love are eager to enter the meta universe and make new friendsใ€‚ After more than two years of epidemic, people are more willing than ever to try to develop a romantic relationship in this emerging virtual space.

In fact, in the past six months, the number of references to "dating" in the VR interest group in reddit has increased by 249%.

What are the reasons behind this trend? What impact will it have on future gender relations? What will the future meta universe look like?

Simple role play

As social networking and travel in real life have been restricted by the epidemic,Consumers began to turn to virtual reality (VR) and emerging virtual ecosystems to immerse themselves in a new experienceใ€‚ย 

In fact, the sales volume of VR head display increased by 92% year-on-year.

On reddit, this trend is particularly obvious. Reddit users are 125% more willing to participate in the metauniverse and make new friends than the general public, and they are 42% more willing to surf the Internet and make friends than to spend time communicating face-to-face.

Reddit users are twice as interested in "entering the meta universe" as the general population.

These data are also reflected in activities on social networking sites: in the two-year period from March 2020 to March 2022,Screen views on reddit and VR chat increased by 193%ใ€‚

People are more interested than ever in meeting potential romantic partners in virtual space.

Users can not only meet people living all over the world, but also participate in various novel activities through the new virtual space and VR function, so as to carry forward their interests and release their passion more freely.

"Not just you and me, All Star Wars fans can really put themselves into the Star Wars universe and participate in real time in a simple way," said Rob gaige, director of cooperative development at reddit. โ€œWe can also date in a more liberal way, make more sincere connections than real-life dating, sometimes superficial.

Reality cannot be shut out forever

Long distance love, especially online love, rarely comes to the end. In fact, the average time that a long-distance relationship can last is less than five months.

The obvious reality is that although Internet users may find love on the Internet, they can't escape from reality forever.

Couples need to have close relationships, spend high-quality time together and communicate frequently in real life in order to ensure that they have a healthy and successful partnership.

Gaige and reddit's team found that for couples who find love in the metauniverse,These virtual spaces and experiences will continue to play a role in their real lifeใ€‚

"We've seen signs of this relationship. Just because you meet in the metauniverse doesn't mean you'll completely break away from the metauniverse in real life," gaige said. "It's different from downloading the dating software tinder will uninstall the software after you find your partner.

Instead, he predicts that the meta universe will remain an integral part of the development of these romantic relationships in real life.

"We are together in reality, but we will still go back to the meta universe and share date night in the scene of Star Wars." He sees this hybrid relationship as the next stage just beginning.

In the long run, this will help couples maintain a happy state. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of married couples share common interests and hobbies, which they believe is one of the reasons for their successful marriage.

Different types of relationships

The meta universe also applies to the development and maintenance of different types of relationships. Not only are love relationships taking shape in the meta universe, but so are other types of relationships.ย 

More and more users are turning to VR and emerging technologies, which can not only keep people in touch with friends and partners far away,It can even let the dead relatives reappear in our livesใ€‚

Reddit data shows that people's interest in using emerging technologies to spend time with the dead is greatly increasing.

Although the idea is new, gaige and his team have begun to pay close attention to how the idea will develop.

"Can we create their meta cosmic characters through the marks left by the dead?" Gaige said, "this is what we have seen in cultural development again and again, from holographic concerts of late artists to almost all science fiction.

The metacosmic world makes it a real possibility.People are considering using programming to give personality characteristics to these characters and interact with themใ€‚

Gaige said he was surprised that the demand for people to interact with stars decreased, while the demand for "Resurrection" of dead relatives increased.

"I initially thought that the metauniverse might be more about stars, such as going out with Beyonce. But that's not the case. I really want my grandmother to be" resurrected ". It would be great if I could program my grandmother through these technologies to reappear in my life and let my son or daughter see their great grandmother."

Impact on marketers

The surge in interest in maintaining relationships in the meta universe has also brought a series of valuable business opportunities for brands.ย 

Brands can dig deeper into the fans of stars to promote new forms of interaction. They can hold virtual activities to help users meet other like-minded fans.

Nintendo fans can walk around the peach Castle together, while Harry Potter fans can play a virtual Quidditch game together.

Another key way for brands to explore business value in this field is to take advantage of the new crypto business economy.

Just as we have seen the luxury fashion industry get involved in NFT, brands have countless opportunities to help dress up virtual people, so that users can appear in the metauniverse or in front of their date with their own virtual image closest to the real one. Brands may offer a range of clothing choices, props, accessories, cosmetics, body modifications, and even cars, bicycles or scooters.

However, the impact of pass on metacosmic commerce is actually of great significance.

"When dating in the metauniverse, I'm not constrained by the budget, the type of restaurant or the type of food, because I'm enjoying an immersive experience," gaige said.

So, he said,NFT and pass will be used as tools to create a unique dating experience, which is also a good opportunity for the brandใ€‚

The reddit team believes that some industries may be successful at an early stage.

Luxury goods and fashion are obviously the early adopters of metauniverse. Gaige focuses on the emerging metauniverse real estate market. The real estate sales in metauniverse exceeded US $500 million in 2021. According to the recent CNBC report, this data may double this year.

"Real estate companies are starting to rebuild famous buildings and land in the meta universe. At some levels, people's dream homes should be in the meta universe. In real space, we don't necessarily need so much real estate," gaige said.

Gaige also predicts that design brands will see a lot of new opportunities. "I think Herman Miller, an American furniture company, should seize the opportunity to immediately invest in this field and develop a mid century modern spirit in the meta universe. If I am the person in charge of these brands, I will lead the brands to seize the opportunity."

Will Cady, head of creative strategy at reddit, predicts that food subscription services such as blue apron may also see new opportunities as long-distance couples try to maintain relationships in new ways.

In general, the space and field of the meta universe is so new that the possibilities contained in it are almost endless, Cady said:โ€œTo a certain extent, the meta universe is a very open field in which people can obtain some new habits and rituals that have not yet been formedใ€‚โ€

For example, I had a wedding in the metauniverse before, which was a new moment for everyone. At that time, about 200 people were online, and there were about 10 people at the ceremony.

And this experience has never existed before. Think about the business opportunities of holding a wedding in the metauniverse that can provide a good experience for all guests? "

The original text was written by Kendra Clark, and the Chinese content was compiled by the metaverse hub team. If you need to reprint, please contact us.

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