Cultural commentary | digital collections are popular out of the circle. Can you really get rich overnight?

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Source:Yangzi Evening News / Ziniu news

Reporter Zhang Nan proofreading Li Haihui

The digital collection of the Winter Olympics is heating up, and the market reappears that "one trick is hard to find". The digital collection related to the original work of the popular drama "the world" will be sold on the Internet platform in June. The dance Poetry Drama "only this green" will launch the digital collection Commemorative Ticket. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra issued the first NFT Collection - a 2:21 second audio, which is exclusively authorized by the National Satellite Meteorological Center to "embrace the sea of stars" China Fengyun meteorological satellite series digital collection, Harvest, a literary magazine, launched the first blind box of literary digital collection "boundless" on world reading day. On the occasion of the 120th anniversary, Nanjing University also released the "digital collection of Southern Blue whales" in the form of digital blind box

With the penetration of digital collections into all walks of life, various projects are countless on the Internet. People's most familiar cultural relics, magazines, games and brands have their own digital collections, and even invite users to participate in CO creation.

A report predicts that China's digital collection trading market will reach 50-80 billion yuan in 2-3 years. Digital Collection refers to the use of blockchain technology to generate unique digital certificates corresponding to specific works and works of art, so as to realize true and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use on the basis of protecting their digital copyright. After successful purchase, consumers will get the unique identification code given by blockchain technology, and can make circles, print pictures and enjoy them at any time.

According to the data, as of February this year, there were less than 100 domestic digital collection platforms, and three months later, the number of domestic digital collection platforms has exceeded 330. Not only Alibaba, Tencent, JD and other Internet manufacturers have launched digital collection platforms, but also the only art, bigverse and other platforms have successively announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan of financing. At present, on the digital collection track, a large number of museums, performing arts groups and even the media play the role of copyright owners. Various digital collections have been launched one after another. With the development of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the "Generative Art" generated by AI on the server has also been derived, which has triggered everyone to explore the boundaries of art.

The development of traditional culture needs new carriers, so catering to the digital trend has become a timely move. In the environment of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, some projects in the cultural and Expo industry can not be promoted, and some scenic spots and museums can not be opened. As a new form of cultural and creative goods, digital products not only give immeasurable communication strength to traditional culture, but also provide a new mode of cultural and tourism consumption, bursting out with certain commercial value.

However, as limited and sold out become key words, they are constantly brushed by phenomenal explosion models, and digital collections raise everyone's wealth imagination, which also raises questions. Can they really get rich overnight? Generation Z, which is closely related to the Internet, was the first to embrace this new thing. For ordinary players, what is the attraction of virtual art behind the foam and wonders? Although "visible, untouchable", the benefits are obvious. Not only can you buy "Qi Baishi" and "Wu Changshuo" for a meal of milk tea, but also it solves the disadvantage that the physical collection is easy to be damaged or lost, and makes the viewing pictures have no time and space restrictions. In particular, the price of some digital collections launched in China is relatively cheap and the technical operation threshold is also low.

No collection experience, still play collection! There must be a knowledge reserve threshold for real cultural relics collection. Collectors will worry about buying fake goods, while virtual collections do not have this worry. Science fiction, cultural relics, games, sports and other pan cultures can be turned into collections by IP. Narrowing the distance between the public and museums and cultural and artistic appreciation is even more imperceptible for cultivating social aesthetic interest and cultural self-confidence.

There are some grey trading areas, which are very easy to cause follow-up speculation. It is reported that collectors who stare at the collections sold on these large platforms, set alarm clocks, rush to buy and re realize their investment are like "gold diggers". The monthly income is over 10000 yuan, or even 100000 yuan a month. The two digital paintings jointly launched by Alipay and the Dunhuang Institute of fine arts are the payment code skin of "Dunhuang Flying sky" and "nine color deer" respectively. The official selling price is Alipay 10 points plus 9.9 yuan. It was resold at a high price on the idle fish on the second-hand trading platform, and was once fried to 1.5 million yuan. Idle fish officials took relevant goods off the shelves urgently. For the resale speculation of digital collections, some platforms also stipulate that users can give gifts to friends after holding digital collections for 180 days, and shall not be used for speculation, OTC trading or any commercial purposes.

The risk of being rich overnight is also related to the risk of being rich overnight. As early as February 18, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a warning against the risk of illegal fund-raising in the name of "yuancosmos", saying that some criminals absorbed funds under the names of "yuancosmos investment project" and "yuancosmos chain Tour", and were suspected of illegal fund-raising, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities. Before the implementation of supervision, there was still a big foam for investors in NFT related fields. In order to realize the healthy and long-term development of NFT industry, market players need to operate in compliance.

The platform is mixed, and there are security risks in the data of digital collections. Whether it will "disrupt the order of the cultural relics market" has also aroused controversy. The biggest selling point of digital collections is to "reproduce" the fine works in the museum collection or the treasures of the town museum online. If you get the original data of cultural relics, will it become the "gene" for criminals to clone cultural relics? In April this year, the competent department of cultural relics not only encouraged social forces to use cultural relics resources for reasonable innovation and creation through formal authorization, stimulated the interpretation and dissemination of cultural relics value with information technology, but also emphasized that "cultural and Expo units should not directly sell the original data of cultural relics as limited commodities"; "Ensure the information security of cultural relics"; "Consumers should choose reasonable, legal, healthy and orderly collection methods, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and stay away from the risks caused by blind speculation".

How to select digital collections is the main move of many up stations B. in a comprehensive view, the investment of digital collection players mainly depends on the high-quality IP, the cultural value behind it, as well as the number of releases, rarity and eye edge. Perhaps people around them can't "share joys and sorrows" with them. Many digital collection lovers are keen to share the happiness of buying with their peers, and establish cultural exchanges that break the circle in the virtual world. Professionals also suggest that collectors should choose collections that can produce emotional connections, so as to form unique value content, rather than blindly chasing the trend.

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