Sassoon joined hands with nylon to launch three 2022 most in Yuan universe trend hair styles

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Author: Jin Yun

Original title: inspiration, reconstruction of imagination, Sassoon joined hands with nylon to release the concept of meta universe

On May 16, 2022, Sassoon, a professional fashion salon brand, strongly settled in the meta universe. With the theme of "inspiration and reconstruction of imagination", it joined hands with nylon, a young fashion magazine favored by Z times to jointly publish the concept hairstyle of the meta universe, breaking the boundary between space and time, and presenting the meta universe look made of three elements: color, line and fluffy feeling.

The meta universe is a world full of imagination. The concept aims to break the boundary between virtual and reality, surpass the physical law and secular aesthetic significance, and use virtual to find more modeling possibilities for reality. With the help of the meta cosmic trend, Sassoon reconstructed the original modeling aesthetics, starting from the three dimensions of fluffy, line and color sense, hoping to accompany consumers to break the restrictions on line texture, color and gravity in reality, make the hair more fluffy and three-dimensional with the spatial sense of hair style, make the hair more hierarchical with the visual sense of hair color, and use the gorgeous Aurora platinum color and line modeling with strong geometric sense, And the fluffy shape like mushroom cloud to show the sense of geometric space, hair color texture and weightless fluffy feeling. Break the confinement of realistic rules, reconstruct the standard aesthetics with imagination, help people DIY their image into a look that conforms to their own personality, realize the unthinkable freedom of hair color and hair style in the real world, live a more wanton life, and lead a surreal fashion modeling trend.

Sassoon brand and nylon, which leads the trend of Z era, have jointly created three 2022 most in metacosmic trend hair styles, including # weightless Nebula fluffy shape # floating upside down in metacosmic space and experiencing free weightlessness #, super metacosmic wing line shape # with line texture and metacosmic shape space, and white gold # Aurora creature hair color shape #, which is dazzling and flexible, expressing freedom and rebellious attitude, Provide hairstyle reconstruction under the concept of meta universe, and become the focus of future trend modeling.

[fluffy shape] weightless Nebula

[line modeling] wings of hyperdomain

[hair color modeling] Aurora creatures

"The world is still defining what is meta universe, and I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. Meta universe is about developing a rich and immersive world. This technology can give our brand a deeper and richer understanding when expressing the values of beauty." Said Alexis schrimpf, vice president of design of P & G global Meishan and personal care department.

Reconstructing imagination, the future has come. As a fashion professional salon brand of traditional hair stylists, Sassoon has always been committed to the innovation of hairdressing products and providing more high-quality hairdressing products and fashion trends. The entry of Sassoon into the yuan universe this time is to add more pioneer elements to the hairdressing field with modern science and technology, conduct in-depth dialogue with generation Z with individual self, and create a truly their own "Modeling Laboratory" for them, so that everyone can face themselves with the best attitude, jointly explore the cutting-edge trend of the trend, jointly embrace the future of advanced science and technology, and reflect Sassoon's consistent cutting-edge fashion touch and diversified aesthetics, Create a brand image with a sense of science and technology and a sense of future, bring a brand-new modeling reform and modeling adventure in the meta universe world to consumers and hair care, and jointly enter the modeling meta universe era opened by Sassoon!

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