Baidu,, ant, etc. have joined the bureau one after another. What is the layout of the digital collection map of big factories

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Reporter: Meng Mei, Ouyang Hongyu

From the original work of Qi Baishi, the master of traditional Chinese painting, the picture of shrimps, the unpublished fragments after the shooting of the film in mood for love, to the weapons and props in the game, the legend of swordsman, and the artistic derivatives of the novel, the world... Now, more and more cultural works of art have begun to set foot in the new track of digital collection. The creation and trading of these collections are inseparable from the platform, and behind the platform are the figures of many large Internet technology manufacturers.

After nearly a year's development, digital collection businesses such as ant, Baidu, and Tencent have basically completed the layout: publishing digital collections while building a trusted digital commodity registration platform is a common model for large manufacturers; However, the industry as a whole is still in the early stage of development. What are big factories doing when they enter the digital collection? What is the ultimate goal? Where is the threshold for entering the digital collection? In an interview with reporters on May 11, insiders revealed that digital collections are one of the application scenarios of blockchain, which can not only form a new business model of cultural products, but also comply with the development trend of deep integration of culture and technology industry.

It is mainly traditional cultural IP, and its essence is still cultural consumer goods

The total sales of digital collections in 2021 was $24.9 billion, up 260 times from 2020, according to a survey by market tracker dapprad. Stimulated by this gust of wind, hundreds of digital collection platforms, large and small, have emerged in China. Ant,, Baidu, Tencent and other Internet companies have successively launched their own digital collection platforms. It is reported that the digital collection mainly adopts the limited distribution mode on these platforms, and users can obtain it through free collection, initial subscription and even auction.

The reporter noted that the digital collections issued on the platform of Dachang are mainly cultural derivatives. Culture and art are also the origin for big factories to enter the digital collection track. In June last year, ant group launched the digital collection trading platform whale probe, which issued the skin digital collections of Dunhuang Feitian and Jiuse deer for the first time. Data show that on this platform, digital collections from traditional culture related IP account for 70%.

According to the person in charge of Jingdong Lingxi digital collection platform, on this platform, digital collections based on traditional cultural IP will also help the sales of physical commodities through digital collections. For example, digital collections reflecting brand image will be issued simultaneously for cultural and creative, tourism, books and other commodities. On the baidu super chain, there are digital collections of animation, cartoon, tide play, cartoon, lunar exploration project, weather, public welfare and other categories.

"Digital collections are cultural derivatives born in the digital age, and their essence is still cultural consumer goods." The relevant person in charge of Baidu super chain disclosed that the issuance of digital collections caters to people's cultural consumption needs in the digital age under the background of the deep integration of culture and technology, excavates greater economic value for the cultural industry, and then forms a new business model. For example, the price of Dunhuang Feitian and Jiuse deer skin digital collections mentioned above has been fried to about 1.5 million yuan on the second-hand e-commerce platform.

However, at present, most of the domestic digital collection platforms are connected to the alliance chain, and almost all do not support secondary transactions and resale in any form. The resale function is only supported by individual platforms. It also requires users to hold a certain time requirement after purchasing digital collections.

Promoting the deep integration of science, technology and culture will enrich the operation mode of the real economy

Although digital collections are in the limelight, many digital collection transactions hide risks.

In March this year, more than ten digital collection platforms, such as art meta yuanyishu, one point collection, and Guizang yuanuniverse, were banned from the micro envelope, and the official account successively showed that they had been closed. In terms of the reasons for closing, they all involve "the behavior of issuing, disseminating or engaging in relevant business activities without obtaining the legal license or license after being complained by the user and reviewed by the platform, and the account has been stopped". On the black cat complaint platform, many users complained about false delivery and false publicity of digital collections, unfair lottery and other issues.

This is also because the digital collection industry has a certain threshold. The external performance is that on some small and medium-sized platforms, the price of digital collections can be doubled several times in a day, and it can also be halved in a short time.

The relevant person in charge of Jingdong Lingxi platform told reporters that to become a reliable platform, we mainly rely on technology and operation capabilities. First, we should have sufficient technical capabilities to support rich digital collection types and playing methods, so as to bring users a better collection experience; Second, it has the ability of continuous operation and certificate storage. Specifically, it is to bring users a better experience of updating tide, provide business value for the IP party, and provide new growth channels for the real economy.

CICC research report shows that there is a large room for expansion in the domestic digital collection track. So, what is the goal of large factories to layout the digital commodity platform? The relevant person in charge of Jingdong Lingxi platform believes that the digital collection redefines the value and consumption mode of virtual commodities such as cultural works of art in the digital era, and it will serve as a medium for Web3 The real economy in the era of 0 expands richer operation modes.

According to the relevant person in charge of Baidu super chain, the overall development trend of short-term domestic digital collections is to develop in the direction of legal compliance and eliminating financial risks, and long-term digital collections are to develop in the direction of deep integration of science and technology and culture and enabling the cultural industry by science and technology. With blockchain technology, digital collections will further release the economic value of high-value content such as works of art, and enable more ordinary people to own works of art and feel the beauty of art in a digital way.

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