Yuan universe singer Li Xubai starts singing to create the music world of "unique"

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Source:Beijing Youth Daily

Text: Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Lei

On May 10, the latest single "unique" by Li Xubai, the first surreal virtual singer in Dawan District, was launched on the whole network. This is the second single newly created after Li Xubai's first single "lock in the future" topped the list of music pioneers for the first time in early 2022. With the previous Chinese style R & amp; The difference of single B is that the rhythm of "unique" launched this time is light and fast, focusing on the gentle and clean voice line of the singer, encouraging everyone to live a unique and shining self, and with the help of concepts such as "metauniverse" and virtual reality, you can play the trend and get a new music experience.

The music teenagers from the parallel universe are also looking for their own identity in the vast sea of people, just like the current young people. "One and only" asks questions from the lyrics - what are we talking about when we're talking about "me"? Virtual human Li Xubai gave his answer - "I" is bright and unique, without explanation and affectation. The existence of "I" is a grand scenery in "my" life.

At the beginning of 2022, Li Xubai's first single locked in the future was launched on the whole network music platform at home and abroad. With this Chinese style R & amp; B single, he topped the list of music pioneers for the first time, setting off a unique music trend. This is also the first competition between virtual human singers and real singers in the form of works.

In 2021, since the birth of the relevant concept of "meta universe", all walks of life have combined with "meta universe" to create derivatives in line with it. Virtual human is the communication medium between this mysterious future world and reality, creating great potential and real moving all the time. With the popularization of the concept of meta universe, virtual people also began to follow their dreams. Li Xubai, jointly created by Yiming technology, bamboo shoot mutual entertainment and Hansen entertainment, is a super realistic 3D virtual role that combines "meta universe", virtual reality and entertainment e-commerce, and takes singing as the main positioning. Using CG animation technology, Li Xubai's appearance, skin coloring, hair combing and dynamic effects are more lifelike. Relying on his handsome face, tall figure and cool visual effects, his first debut film has attracted countless attention on major social platforms.

Li Xubai, who has a wide range of interests and hobbies, hides his hot heart of loving small animals under the appearance of high cold and a sense of distance. Due to an unexpected encounter in his childhood, he obtained the super ability to talk with animals. He was born in the meta universe cyberspace and took music as his wing. He observed the times with his eyes, listened to the hearts of animals with his ears, and told the story through music. His ultra-high appearance and unique style of wearing have attracted the attention of many young fans on social media. I believe that after the precipitation and polishing of time, Li Xubai, who started as a singer, will not only continue to show his talents and talents in the fields of fashion and music, but also explore more fields and interpret the charm of his "meta universe".

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