With an hourly salary of 1 million, "virtual anchor" rushed to IPO

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"Yesterday's rich Chinese woman: I don't understand what you're talking about, so I covered the screen with gifts."

"The first time this year to listen to such a long English listening, more times this year, CET-4 will pass!"

"Lian mengdai guessed that after working as the atmosphere group all night, he has never been so determined to learn English well..."

On domestic e-commerce / content platforms such as Taobao, station B and Tiktok, the existence of virtual anchors has become no longer strange. However, when the virtual anchor speaks fluent English, even if the fans can't understand "raw meat", they still squat in the live broadcasting room and brush the screen for interaction, and the market's imagination of the virtual anchor has risen to a higher levelโ€”โ€”After the daily salary of 2.08 million in the entertainment industry, the hourly salary of virtual anchor vox exceeded one million, which once again refreshed the upper limit of gold absorption.

On May 6, the overseas virtual anchor vox opened its live broadcast debut at station B. It was broadcast live for 1.7 hours that night, with a revenue of 1.11 million.According to the statistical data of station B @ V observation center, this debut brought 39411 people to Vox, with a payment rate of more than 73%.By the time of publication, the cumulative number of fans of vox account had reached 857000, and the number of captain was 2934(Captain 198 yuan / month)ใ€‚

Vox live

Previously, the first tier of popularity in the domestic virtual idol industry was the virtual idol women's group a-soul under byte beating and Lehua entertainment, but male virtual idols have always been a virgin land whose pattern has not been opened. With vox's popularity rising, the virtual anchor's ability to attract money has been confirmed. The operating company behind it: Rainbow Society(now renamed anycolor)Also into people's vision.

Rainbow society is a well-known virtual anchor firm in Japan. More than 200 artists are virtual anchors.

On April 28, rainbow society submitted its listing application to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and was approved. This also means that after landing in the capital market in June, it will become the first listed company in the vtuber industry(vtuber, virtual youtube, originally refers to the up host active on YouTube with virtual image, and now also refers to virtual anchor and virtual Idol)ใ€‚

Looking through its prospectus, China is not only one of the important markets in its layout, but also Chinese enterprises in its shareholding institutions. The prospectus shows that hode HK, the third largest shareholder of rainbow society, is a subsidiary of station B. "E-commerce online" disassembles its financial data. What is unique about the idol cultivation model of rainbow society? Just five years after its establishment, it has gained a firm foothold in the industry and become the "head". Can its rapid rise path be copied by the domestic virtual idol industry?

40000 auditions, 1% debut rate

The girls' new husband in May is a virtual person and a foreigner. They communicate in English during the live broadcast.

As a virtual anchor set in the UK, vox was more active on youtube, twitter and other platforms, but before entering China, he was not unknown - vox made its debut in December last year, with more than 100000 YouTube channel subscriptions in just 10 days; In a live YouTube event in April this year, super chat(YouTube live)The total amount exceeds 160000 yuan, ranking first in a single day;According to playboard's SC๏ผˆSuper Chat๏ผ‰Vox ranks among the top 100 in the world.

Technically, virtual idols can be divided into real person driven and computing driven, and vox belongs to the former. Under the exquisite animation shell, real people are responsible for playing and communicating. Such drivers are also known as "people in the industry". According to the feedback from various social platforms, vox's popularity is inseparable from several factors:1. Gorgeous animation image, the painting style conforms to aesthetics;2. Delicate character setting, vox is set as a demon that has survived for 400 years;3. A slightly contrasting character"High EQ" and "gentleman" are common evaluations. The high-quality voice, personality charm and literary accomplishment of the Chinese people bring unique emotional companionship value.

Luxiem and Vox, vox's groups, were the third and fourth in the animation super talk respectively

The success of vox can partly reflect the idol cultivation mode of rainbow Society: mass production and rich matrix.

Rainbow club has more than 200 virtual artists, including nearly 150 members of nijisanji Japan headquarters, as well as 47 Chinese Virtual artists of virtuareal project. Rainbow news agency wrote in the prospectus: "we (were developing virtual idol business overseas, mainly in English speaking countries and China." Vox set in the UK is a member of a five person group. In addition to "devil", the group also has "Mafia", "novelist", "detective" and other settings, all of which belong to nijisanji en project. The project bears the vision of rainbow society's internationalization. It is mainly aimed at the international circle using English. At present, it has 20 members.

It can be found that the rainbow society has launched new people very quickly. Since the launch of the first phase of members in 2018, it has launched 4-5 new people almost every month, and the layout has gradually spread to China, India and South Korea to recruit and absorb new people for a long time.

Vox's group is called luxiem and includes four other members

It is hard not to think of the model of AKB48, the ancestor of idols: it is also selling dreams and human devices, and launching localized idols in various countries and regions. But the difference is that the process of cultivating real idols and virtual idols is different.

Rainbow Society launched a virtual idol, which needs to draw its shell, write its design and recruit people. Among them, "people in recruitment" is a key stepโ€”โ€”Unlike real idols, which require years of talent training, rainbow society is more concerned about whether the status of virtual idols is stable? How to find the right person for the virtual idol who has not yet made his debut? Are there enough people in the bank? As well as the management and training of Chinese people are the most difficult links to be standardized.

The solution of rainbow society is still to spread the net. According to the prospectus, about 30% of the revenue from the company's top 10 virtual idols and about 50% of the revenue from the top 25 virtual idols in the fiscal year sales as of April 2021 are scattered as a whole. Rainbow society believes that "due to the diversification of profits, even if there is a special vtuber retirement, the impact on the profit base is limited." In the same period, rainbow Society said that the retention rate of its "people in the middle" reached 97%, and was recruiting personnel at the same time:"As of the time of submitting the prospectus, there were more than 45000 audition applicants, with an average passing rate of 1%."

2019 group photo of rainbow club's virtual artists

Live broadcasting, chatting and selling goods are the means of attracting money from virtual idols

In Japan, rainbow society is already the leading player in the virtual idol industry, but it is still very young - it was established in 2017 and currently has 216 employees, with an average age of 30.2 years. The company, which has not been established for a long time, entered its fifth fiscal year and the first three quarters of rainbow society(from May 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022)Its operating revenue reached 10.1 billion yen(about RMB 500 million)In the first fiscal year from April 2017 to may 2018, its revenue was only 16.62 million yen,The scale of revenue has increased 600 times in more than four years.

The income source of rainbow club is mainly divided into four parts: live broadcast and business(divided into content sales and performance activities), advertising and other undertakings(overseas business)ใ€‚Among them, content sales in business is the main source of revenue. In the first three quarters of this fiscal year, the revenue of this part reached 4.79 billion yen, accounting for nearly 50%.The so-called content sales refers to various physical peripheral products and digital products such as songs and albums produced around virtual idols. The sales channels are mainly in the official online mall of rainbow society. Rainbow club also launched its own fan club in 2020 to provide fans with services such as virtual idol paid chat, which also belongs to this part.

Live broadcast revenue ranked second, with a revenue of 2.23 billion yen in the same period. This part includes YouTube live broadcast rewards, membership fees, etc; Advertising 1.84 billion yen, including the appearance fee and IP license fee for artists shooting magazines and advertisements.Other businesses include the revenue of overseas businessโ€”โ€”That is, like Vox, the income brought by the artists of nijisanji en project facing the international market. This part currently accounts for the lowest proportion, but as a new business, its revenue in the last full fiscal year increased by 511% year-on-year compared with the previous year, with the fastest growth rate among the four businesses.

Proportion of revenue of each business segment

It is translated into live broadcast field, business (content), business (activity) field, advertising field and other fields

In terms of cost input, taking the fourth fiscal year as an example, the sales cost of rainbow society reached 4.69 billion yen, a year-on-year increase of 86%. Rainbow society's explanation for this is: due to the expansion of the virtual idol holding system, the attention to the content fields such as physical goods and digital goods, as well as the increase of production costs and payment due to the expansion.In other words, more and more related products are developed around the virtual idol IP, and the number of artists under the company is expanding. The image production and operation costs of virtual idols and the labor costs of people in the company are increasing.

However, from the perspective of profit margin, the business model of rainbow society still belongs to positive operation. From fiscal year 3 to the first three quarters of fiscal year 5, its operating profit margin increased from 1.3% to 30.9% - thanks to the beginning of profitability of debut artists. Take ge ye, the leading artist of rainbow society, as an example, super chat, a virtual anchor of YouTube in 2021(reward)In the world rankings, its income ranks first among men's virtual idols, with a live reward of more than 70 million yen(about RMB 3.6 million)ใ€‚

In the formula of IP realization: the more fans - live broadcast, content sales revenue โผŠ increase - the activity and popularity of artists will also increase โพผ - win more customers. "In comparison, designers, engineers and video production, including โผฏ cost, part of outsourcing cost and rental of distribution โผฏ studio, are not in direct proportion to sales growth." Rainbow society explained in the prospectus.

Ge Ye's setting is different from vox. Rainbow society sets it as a vampire

Opponents of rainbow Society

In Japan's local market, rainbow company's biggest rival is the artist group hollive under cover Co., Ltd., which is more inclined to the institutional attribute of MCN, but the signing object is a virtual idol.The difference is that the rainbow club takes low-cost and high-yield as its strategy. The number of artists under holoolive is relatively small, but the number of idols on the head is large.If measured by the number of fans rather than the amount of bounty, nine of the top 10 virtual idols on YouTube in 2021 were from holoolive.

To this end, rainbow society established the "virtual talent College" in June last year to improve the professional ability of its artists.

In the Chinese market, rainbow society chooses to cooperate with local forces.Station B is not only a platform for artists' content distribution under rainbow club. In 2019, rainbow society also formed a joint venture with Shanghai BiliBili Technology Co., Ltd. through which it participated in the operation of "virtuareal project", continued to recruit and launch Chinese Virtual idols, and launched diversified content output at the same time.

In contrast, the domestic market is not as mature as the overseas market, but the industry is also heating up. According to the in-depth industry report of virtual digital people, by 2030, the overall market scale of virtual digital people in China will reach 270 billion, including identity digital people(including virtual idol, virtual avatar, etc.)About 175 billion.In its prospectus, rainbow society regards game companies, animation companies, entertainment companies, video distribution platforms and (talent management companies as potential rivals - rivals may not be in the sight of the industry, but may rush out across borders.

In China, byte beat and Lehua entertainment also choose to work together. One of them controls the short video distribution channel and the other is good at idol incubation and operation. Previously, according to the prospectus data of Lehua entertainment IPO, the revenue of Lehua pan entertainment business in the past three years was 26.47 million yuan, 21.08 million yuan and 37.87 million yuan respectively, accounting for 4.2%, 2.3% and 2.9% of the total revenue in the same period. Its virtual idol was included in the pan entertainment business. From 2020 to 2021,The revenue of this business segment has increased significantly. Combined with its business development events, it can be basically determined that its virtual idol group a-soul has brought high growth in business revenue.

A-soul just made its debut in November 2020 and is composed of five virtual idols: "Bella", "jiaran", "Nailin", "Jiale" and "Xiangwan". The prospectus disclosed that quiet, the first single of a-soul, had been played more than 200million times in Tiktok as of December 31, 2021; A-soul's first MV, super sensitive, had more than 4.8 million hits on station B as of December 31, 2021 - compared with rainbow society's virtual idol using open source live2d and mobile face capture technology, a-soul uses 3D model and real-time motion capture technology,The latter's accessible scenes are actually more immersive.

From the originator of the earliest virtual Idol "trip love" to the rise of rainbow society and hololive, the entry of domestic players such as Alibaba, Tencent, station B, byte beat and Lehua,Virtual idol is still an industry in which technology, operation and content are indispensable.

If you look further, from the early autumn Yuankang to build the AKB48 Kingdom, to the same plot being copied to the field of virtual idols, what changes is only the form, and what remains unchanged is the relationship between idols and fans. Where will the next vox be? Rainbow society will not be the only incubation base. The market has just started. More beautiful appearance, more considerate character, more yuan talents and virtual people can be expected.

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