"Yuancosmos Seoul City Hall" is open to the public. Come and watch

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Source:China News Network

Original title: "Yuan universe Seoul City Hall" open to the public "

Beijing, Seoul, May 12 (reporter Liu Xu) Beijing, China News reporter learned from the Seoul municipal government on the 11th local time that the "yuanuniverse Seoul City Hall" was opened to the public on May 9.

"Yuancosmic Seoul City Hall" is open to the public. Map provided by Seoul municipal government, South Korea

The Seoul municipal government said that the "meta universe Seoul City Hall", as an experimental service, provides citizens with the opportunity to experience the independent platform "meta universe Seoul" based on cutting-edge technology in advance. Open the mobile app and create a virtual avatar to enter the 3D virtual Seoul city hall hall and the mayor's office. You can also use the public opinion collection platform to put forward suggestions to the municipal government on Seoul's municipal affairs.

The Seoul municipal government plans to provide the "meta universe Seoul City Hall" service, solicit opinions freely put forward by citizens, find out the shortcomings of the platform operation, and actively reflect its contents on the "meta universe Seoul" platform project officially promoted this year.

At 0:00 on May 5, Korean time, the Seoul Municipal Government participated in the "future compute2022" online and introduced the "meta universe Seoul" plan. "Future compute" is an annual digital technology exchange activity held at MIT. It is hosted by the media lab of MIT, the world's top Institute of media convergence technology. Global IT leaders such as the famous chief technology officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) in the field of future computing technology gathered together to explore the road of technological innovation and exchange views with each other. It is reported that "yuancosmic Seoul" is the only local government policy introduced at the "future compute" activity.

The Seoul smart city policy official who delivered a speech at the event said, "the Seoul municipal government promotes the 'meta universe Seoul' plan, which aims to use these good digital resources to actively respond to the new needs of citizens in the digital era and provide better services."

The Seoul municipal government told reporters that the Seoul municipal government will be committed to becoming a smart city leading the world and strengthening urban competitiveness. It will promote five-year projects from 2022 to 2026 and apply meta cosmic technology in all policy fields such as economy, culture and education. (end)

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