ANNOUNCING OUR Party One TOKEN LOCK EVENT. As part of our strategies to prevent rug pull in our DeFi ecosystem and as planned in our Tokenomics, we have decided to lock 16.58% of our tokens for 36months ( 3 years) As you all know, it was described that we will lock 6.66% of Our token but because we need SAFU to be unique and trusted project, we changed our plan from 6.66% to 16.58% lock and more lock will follow. . We will also make sure ensure that we(DEVS) have less token from the total circulation supply to make sure our holders won't get dumped and no whale will join our Project easily. . You can keep track of our first lock with this proof lock links. Also here is lock transaction ID for your reference. Contract address: 0x3b529e373fa083a6e4f8d199a002ac4f7074f586 Trade Safu on Pancakeswap: Chart: Trade at Cex ( Indoex ): More info on our new Website. ๐ŸŒhttps://Safunetwork.Net/ Join the Global community for more updates. ๐Ÿ’ TM: ๐Ÿ•ŠFollow us on tweet: More big news coming your way! Like, comment, Tag and Retweet to help your friends know this news #Safunetwork #bsc #bnb #USDT #hold $SAFU #Locked๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€                                                   
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